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Budget and Planning

Position Summary: The Grants Administrator is charged to identify resources and opportunities for external funding in alignment with the Library's strategic plans and goals. The grants administrator helps to establish teams of appropriate personnel to write proposals and conduct the work of funded projects, serves as resource person for other units writing grants, monitors financial and regulatory compliance with institutional, state, and federal regulations, e.g. IRB submissions, UALC-funded projects, and federal reporting. The grants administrator also serves as a liaison to the Office of Sponsored Projects, the Office of the Vice President for Research, and other campus entities as necessary. The Administrator works closely with the Library's External Relations Division, which is responsible for all private, local, corporate and national foundation grants. In addition, the Grants Administrator, as part of the Library's Budget and Planning Department, assists and serves as a resource person to Library principal investigators in managing grant financial and progress reporting requirements, including post award management. The incumbent is a member of the Library's division charged with collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data about the library for use by the Marriott Library, the University, and the higher education community, and assists with these efforts. This work also includes assisting with overall library planning efforts, tracking planning progress and assisting in compiling reports; and working with the Association of Research Libraries, University Information Technology, and Institutional Review Board as needed.

Relevant Education or Training: Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Business Administration or a related field, or equivalency. Experience Requirements: Two years of experience working with federal or private funding agencies on grants, contracts or other agreements, or equivalency.

Duties and Tasks: Duty: Grants Administration Tasks: Identifies resources and opportunities for external funding. Participates in writing and editing grant proposals. Serves as a resource person for others writing grants. Coordinates grant applications internally, with granting agencies, and with University Office of Sponsored Projects as needed. Assists PIs with formulating budgets, procuring matching funds, establishing timelines, and developing assessment plans. Manages and tracks all funded grants from state, federal, foundation, private, and institutional sources for financial and regulatory compliance. Prepares summary and data reports on library-wide grant activities for internal and external granting and funding entities. Acts as a liaison to Library External Relations Division, the Office of Sponsored Projects, the Vice-President for Research and others. Assists with securing funding for research and development activities. Assists with planning and assessment activities Duty: Assessment Coordination Tasks: Assists with library surveys, statistical gathering and analysis, reports on library collections and services. Serves as a resource person and staff liaison for library groups involved in assessment activities. LIBRARY-LEVEL RESPONSIBILITIES: Committees, Council membership, etc.: Planning and Assessment Council

40 hours per week.

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Melissa Yack Hall, MPA, ABD
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