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Juvenile Court
Unlike adult criminal courts which are criminal in nature, the juvenile courts are civil courts. The reason for this difference is because juvenile court, rather than simply punishing kids, also exists to protect the community while rehabilitating young people charged with breaking the law. Utah's Juvenile Court has exclusive original jurisdiction over youths, under 18 years of age, who violate any federal, state or municipal law, and any child who is abused, neglected or dependent. The court may also place children under the supervision of the court's probation department; place children in the custody or care of foster homes, group homes, special treatment centers, or secure institutions. The Court works closely with the Office of Guardian ad Litem on cases involving abuse, neglect or dependency.

An internship with the Utah State Courts is a valuable opportunity to learn more about our justice system. Many of the executive administrators have Masters of Public Administration degrees.

Typical tasks for an intern would include the following:

*         Assist the juvenile court administrative team (located at the Matheson Courthouse) in analyzing and implementing policy.

*         Participate in experiences that enhance knowledge of the juvenile court and its system partners.

*         Assist in the development of juvenile court publications.

*         Assist in federal and state grant applications and implementation.

Hours may be set by the intern, but must be consistent and during business hours if on-site. Some work may be completed off site. Complimentary parking and training opportunities are available.

Those who are interested may submit applications including resume and letter of interest to Misty Butler at mistyb at<mailto:mistyb at>.


1)      Parks and Public Lands Management Intern: Will work directly with and be housed at Salt Lake City Parks and Public Lands Division working with Leslie Chan to help with land management of the Bend-in-the-River site.  Intern will serve as a liaison between the Bennion Center and Parks & Public Lands throughout coordination of volunteer projects.  Intern will manage the bend-in-the-river site via surveying, plotting, and mapping invasive and native species, and implementing volunteer groups around determined goals for the site.
DURATION: Year-Long, 10 hours a week
STIPEND: $1,450 per semester ($4,350 for total year)
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday Sept 21, 2012 at 5pm

2)      Eco Volunteer Events Planning Intern: Will work under the supervision of Kris Fenn in collaboration with REI partners, Salt Lake City Parks and Public Lands, and other parties to plan, coordinate, and run large-scale volunteer projects (100-200 people) at the Bend-in-the-River site.  Volunteer event activities include invasive species control, infrastructural repair/beautification projects, and public education on environmental issues.

DURATION: 2 semesters (Fall 2012 & Spring 2013), 10 hours a week

STIPEND: $1,450 per semester ($2,900 for total year)
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday Sept 21, 2012 at 5pm
TO APPLY: Contact Kris Fenn with the Bennion Center for more information at 801-587-9027 (kfenn at<mailto:kfenn at>) or applications can be downloaded at<>

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