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A candidate should have a bachelor's degree or higher with a major in business, communications, liberal arts, public health administration, staff and volunteer boards and committees, with extensive non-profit organization experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience.  National volunteer health agency experience is preferred.
The candidate should also have demonstrated organizational and management skill along with a track record of success in a broad range of fund raising methods;  strong interpersonal skills; and a working knowledge and understanding of community resources, systems and networks.
The Executive Director of Friends For Sight (FFS) is accountable to the volunteer Board of Directors and its Executive Committee for the development and management of the resources required to implement a full range of blindness prevention activities in Utah and surrounding states that do not have a blindness prevention organization.
Inside FFS
Maintain a positive working relationship with the Board of Directors and its committees with regular contacts that maintain a high level of communication.  Maintain direct contact with the office staff to ensure a high level of performance by each staff member.  Develop accountability standards and reports to insure excellence of performance by the FFS staff and program volunteers and workers in the various activities throughout the state and intermountain area.
Outside FFS
Develop and submit proposals and requests for funding to foundations.
Establish and maintain contacts with government leaders, business entities, and other organizations in a position to make substantial contributions to FFS and otherwise assist in the accomplishment of the goals of FFS.
Maintain contacts with other health, community, and governmental agencies in the State of Utah and other intermountain areas to establish and maintain organizational credentials and networking to achieve the goals of FFS.
Promote contact with community leaders and contributors as prospective spokespersons or honorees.

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Friends For Sight
Executive Director Position

1. Establish the office and operational procedures needed for the function of FFS.
2.  Work with the Treasurer and Finance Committee in developing and recommending the annual budget and individual salary adjustments for approval by the Executive Committee.
3.  Recruit, recommend for approval, and train staff as required to achieve organizational goals in            accordance with budget limitations.
4.  Train and orient board members as nominated by the Nominating Committee and approved by the board.
5.  Provide staff resources to the Board of Directors and committees to accomplish their assignments.
6.  Work with the Program Director in developing, providing, and increasing the sight preservation programs to those who need the services of FFS.
7.  Promote public awareness and participation as donors and volunteers in the FFS programs.
8.  Raise funds to support FFS from foundations, corporation, and individuals through solicitation, planned giving, special events, direct mail and other donor giving programs.
9.  Cooperate with other health and welfare agencies in furthering the FFS objectives.
10. Works in accordance with federal, state and local laws and regulations and the FFS By-Laws.
11. Attends all meetings of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and other committees as needed and desired.
12. Reports on all financial and program status and progress and other matters of significance to the progress of FFS.
13. Maintain the job descriptions of the staff positions.


1. Ability to work harmoniously with all types of people in different situations with sensitivity, tact and patience.
2. Ability to carry on simultaneously a variety of programs and activities.
3. Ability to distinguish what is significant and to set priorities.
4. Ability to speak clearly and convincingly.
5. Ability to write clearly and concisely.
6. Capacity to invest imagination, initiative and enthusiasm in the program.
7. Ability to separate personal life from professional life in dealing with office personnel.
8. Ability to communicate and keep lines of communication open between all office employees, FFS Board and volunteers.


Melissa Yack Hall, MPA, ABD
MPA Program Manager
University of Utah
P:  801.585.7985
F:  801.587.7861
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