MPA and MPP Job list Board of Parole Administrative Coordinator job opening, Closes July 7

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Wed Jun 26 12:27:20 MDT 2013

Jobing Description

Location: Murray, Utah
448 East 6400 South
Salary Range: $29.17 to $43.82
Category: COURTS
Agency: Board of Pardons & Parole
Application Period: 06/25/2013 - 07/07/2013
Part/Full Time: Full Time

Job Characteristics: This is an administrative job in which the incumbent, under the direction of the Board Chair, coordinates staff, management and agency administration for the Board of Pardons and Parole, including: purchasing, contracts and procurements; overseeing records storage, security and management; administering agency security; drafting and administering internal policies and procedures; creating and analyzing annual reports; drafting, revising, interpreting and enforcing administrative rules; monitoring and directing communication flow with state and external entities, interacting with legal and court staff on behalf of the Board, and other administrative functions that are necessary to the mandate, duties and functions of the Board. The incumbent manages Board staff and supervisors. The Administrative Coordinator may be called upon to conduct Board hearings, and will direct Board staff in carrying out the work of the Board. The incumbent acts as the chief of security and of agency law enforcement personnel. Other duties include assisting in the preparation of the Board's budget, responding to legislative information requests, responding to GRAMA requests, and acting as liaison between the Board and the judiciary, the Legislature, the Governors office, other state executive or federal agencies, and the parole authorities and corrections departments of other states. The Administrative Coordinator assists the Boards public information officer with public announcements, maintaining the Boards website and content, and drafting information for offender, victim and general public knowledge of Board operations and procedures as well as responding to press inquiries as assigned.

Melissa Yack Hall, MPA, ABD
MPA Program Manager
University of Utah
P:  801.585.7985
F:  801.587.7861
Orson Spencer Hall 214

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