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Hiring Organization: United Way of Salt Lake Salt Lake City, UT
Date Prepared: May 4, 2015

United Way of Salt Lake (UWSL) has made a promise to our community – to change the odds so all children and their families have the same chance to succeed in school and life. Our role has evolved from primarily a fund-raising, fund distribution organization to what it is today - a community problem-solving organization, dedicated to advancing the education, income and health of our neighborhoods and communities to ensure that every child succeeds, every step of the way, from cradle to career.

UWSL has adopted a unique approach to community problem-solving called Collective Impact. Collective Impact brings many different sectors together to find new and innovative ways to address challenges and develop lasting changes.

UWSL is committed to excellence. We have adopted high standards of accountability and operate with integrity and transparency. We provide outstanding customer service.

WORK ENVIRONMENT UWSL’s work environment is fast-paced, friendly, committed, nonpartisan, and ever changing. Employees are dedicated, appreciated and recognized for their efforts, and all levels of personnel are engaged in the work daily. We offer competitive wages and a generous, comprehensive benefit package. Our focus is on high level results – communicating, aligning and integrating around our organizational goals.

POSITION OVERVIEW Using the framework and principles of Collective Impact, UWSL has developed Promise Partnerships that work at the school, community and system levels to achieve the results below for all children and families. UWSL supports these partnerships by playing a “backbone” role facilitating trust and constant communication; helping to set measurable shared goals; aligning resources, programs, policies, etc. into mutually-reinforcing strategies; and using and shared data to target resources and engage in continuous improvement.
1. All Children are Kindergarten Ready
2. All Students are Proficient in Reading in 3rd Grade
3. All Students are Proficient in Math in 8th Grade
4. All Students Graduate High School College & Career Ready
5. All Students Complete College
6. All Children and Families are Healthy
7. All Children and Families are Financially Stable
The Partnership Director, College Readiness and Completion, is responsible for forming, joining, and/or facilitating cross-sector partnerships (i.e. networks) within and across school districts and systems to support the achievement of population-level outcomes related to high school graduation, college readiness, and college completion.

1. Form, join and/or facilitate cross-sector, outcome-driven networks.
a. Within the structure of the Promise Partnership Regional Council (PPRC), work with partners to convene and/or facilitate one or more cross-sector collaborative action networks improving population-level outcomes in high school graduation, college and career readiness, and college completion. This is done by identifying measurable indicators (e.g. FAFSA completion college
and application submission) across the districts and counties represented within UWSL’s Promise Partnerships and developing systemic solutions to improve them.
b. Build trust and commitment among partners to work together towards identified outcomes. Actively facilitate connections between UWSL-backboned efforts and the numerous other related committees, task forces, and efforts across systems which include but are not limited to; connecting across school districts, higher education service regions, existing statewide efforts like the College Access Network of Utah, etc. Identify and act upon opportunities to align internally, with other UWSL and PPRC-member led cross-sector, outcomes-focused networks.
2. Facilitate and Support Continuous Improvement Processes. Use national/regional research, local data, community expertise, and experimentation to find, understand, and replicate bright spots where infrastructure and support exist. Support network partners in scaling best practices to achieve outcomes for more students and in completing cycles of continuous improvement (plan, do study, act).
a. Work with data staff at UWSL and partner agencies to quantify the target population, result or outcome, and measureable indicators.
b. Assess current conditions, including the outcome’s trend over time and the partners that are (or could be) working toward the outcome.
3. Team/Partnership Collaboration and Leadership. Within the team of UWSL partnership directors and the broader group of external partners, jointly plan, facilitate and debrief meetings. Work to clarify complex processes and to develop and spread the behaviors and skills essential to achieving system-level results. Spread effective practices and foster connections across networks. Build familiarity with the successes and challenges of StriveTogether and other national, regional, and local community cradle-to-career and Collective Impact efforts in order to maximize the application of effective practices and tools.
4. Visibility and Representation. Keep the Promise Partnership Regional Council (PPRC) and other collaborative efforts informed about the action networks that they authorize, in order to attract additional support and connect the action networks to related efforts that include PPRC members. Respond to relevant inquiries from other organizations. Recognize and act on strategic opportunities to connect to local, regional, state, and national efforts around the six outcomes; with a particular charge for the following outcomes, 1. All students graduate high school ready for college and career, and 2. Students complete college.
5. Resource Development. Support relevant proposal developments by providing data, content expertise, and analysis of what work would move us more quickly toward outcomes. Promote a consistent message externally about UWSL’s role as a backbone agency and the process by which UWSL makes funding decisions about its limited resources.
6. Strategy Implementation. Assist in the development and implementation of strategies aimed at addressing specific challenges and/or improving results.

• Previous experience facilitating cross-sector collaborative networks or partnerships focused on population-level change (Population-level outcomes are distinct from program level outcomes in that they are for ALL individuals in a certain geography, rather than for only the individuals served by a particular organization or effort).
• Knowledge of and/or experience using the principles of Collective Impact, results-based facilitation, results-based accountability, and rapid-cycle continuous improvement. The desire to continuously deepen application of these models through utilization, reflection, and feedback.
• Demonstrated skill in the practice of “adaptive leadership.”
• Demonstrated commitment to achieving outcomes for every student at a multi-district level and the ability to inspire similar commitment from others.
• Demonstrated ability to foster trust and open communication with diverse stakeholders. Skill to recognize and address conflict and concerns. Ability to interact comfortably with high-level system leaders and decision makers.
• Demonstrated ability to facilitate conversations and conditions where people commit to shared goals and co-create plans to achieve those goals. Ability to help people hold honest, reflective conversations that lead to aligned action. Ability to catalyze action commitments and accountability in others, in the absence of formal authority.
• Demonstrated ability to communicate in clear and simple language to all stakeholders. Ability to discuss complex processes in accessible terms. Ability to synthesize information and simplify complexity. Ability
to help partnerships and team members to communicate a common, consistent message, particularly about the attribution of success. Ability to reinforce common, consistent language around the value and purpose of a backbone role.
• Demonstrated ability to locate, disaggregate, and use data to forecast, structure conversations, and make decisions. Desire and ability to address disparities related to race, ethnicity, income, and other factors.
• Proven ability to recognize and act on strategic opportunities, i.e. by identifying what is needed to achieve goals and by making connections across people, plans, conversations, and strategies towards those goals.
• Confidence and humility to ask questions, admit and address challenges, and “fail forward.” Past experience using continuous improvement frameworks (i.e. "plan, do, study, adapt" cycles) to achieve an outcome.

• B.A. (M.A. or equivalent work experience preferred) in elementary or secondary education, public policy, public health, non-profit administration, communications, psychology or a related field.
• Experience with tools (i.e. MS Excel) necessary to store, analyze, and visualize data.

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met to perform the essential functions of this position. The employee is regularly required to communicate clearly in oral and written formats; must be able to transcribe, read extensively and prepare and analyze data and figures. Typically the employee may sit comfortably to do the work, however there will be some walking, standing, bending, carrying light items, use of office equipment, etc. Special physical demands are not required to perform the work.

This is an exempt position that pays: $44,000 - $55,000 annually

TO APPLY Only complete applications will be considered for the position. Complete applications include a cover letter, resume, and employment application. Employment applications and the complete job description can be found at

NOTE: The statements in this position description are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed but are not to be seen as a complete list of responsibilities, duties, and skills required of the person employed. Also, the statements do not establish a contract for employment and are subject to change at the discretion of the employer.

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