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Thu Mar 16 10:25:20 MDT 2017

A message from Laura Briefer, Director of the Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities:

I am reaching out to each of you to see if you could forward this great job opportunity to those you think might be interested or a good fit for this job. I am looking for a Communications and Engagement Manager to lead and support communications and public engagement for Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities.  The deadline for applying is Wednesday March 22nd, and the link to Salt Lake City's job site and job description is below.

Our Public Utilities team is working on many important fronts to improve water quality, protect watersheds, conserve water, steward critical infrastructure, and prepare for emergencies. The Communications and Engagement Manager will work with a passionate, smart, and energetic team. This person will be an instrumental part of our team as we pursue our mission to "serve our community, and protect our environment" on behalf of current and future generations.

Thank you so much for your help on this.


Laura Briefer

Department of Public Utilities
Salt Lake City Corporation
Office: 801.483.6741
Cell: 801.541.0214<><>

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